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Supporting your financial wellness

Learning how to manage your money is key to achieving your financial goals

We know strong financial literacy skills are critical when making confident, informed decisions about money including when you should spend it, why you should save it and how to make it grow.

Your financial journey begins and ends with choices that will have an affect on you and your family for years to come – having the knowledge to understand what you need to do will bring you a wealth of benefits.

Tools and resources to get you started

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We discuss topics like TFSAs and RRSPs, chequing accounts, investments, retirement, loans, fraud prevention and the best ways to achieve your goals.

Tax Planning Tips for Canadians: Wealth Wednesday

Get valuable tax planning insights from our recent Wealth Wednesday segment! Learn how to manage capital gains and losses, use retirement income splitting, and more.

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Retirement Planning FAQs: CPP, TFSAs, RRSPs, and More

Make the most of your retirement savings with expert insights on CPP and investment strategies in this episode of Finance Friday.

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Fraud Awareness for Businesses: Expert Tips to Protect Yourself

Protect your business from the growing threat of fraud. In this Finance Friday episode, FirstOntario's Colin Cyr discusses key fraud risks for businesses and provides essential tips to strengthen your defences.

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"Equally important to having cash savings is paying down debt starting with the debt with the highest interest rates, like credit cards."

— Yvonne Delry, Investment Specialist, Credential Asset Management Inc.

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Our commitment to financial literacy

See some of the initiatives we’re proud to support in our commitment to financial literacy.

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