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Welcome home, neighbour

Whether you’re buying your first home, planning renovations, or looking to refinance, we’re here to help you realize your dreams. 

We offer competitive rates, flexible terms and something you can’t buy—the time it takes and a friendly face to help you fully understand what you need. 

We want you to find a mortgage you can live with, because at FirstOntario, we’re more than your financial institution, we’re also your neighbour. 


​​90-day rate guarantee

Know that your pre-approved rate won't change while house hunting.

The right rates for you

Choose between a fixed, variable or convertible rate mortgage.

​​Payment flexibility

Choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or accelerated payments.

​​Prepayment options

Prepay up to 20% of your principal annually, without penalty.

​​Skip a payment

In a bind? You have the option to skip a payment once a year (conditions apply).

​​Mortgage protection insurance

Protect yourself and your family with mortgage insurance at low rates.

Use our Mortgage Calculator to gain more insight. 

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Connect with one of our Member Consultants.


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