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Personal Lines of Credit

Fast cash when you need it

A line of credit (LOC)  gives you access to ready money, up to your approved credit limit. All without applying for a loan or setting up payments. 

Borrow the funds you need, pay the interest monthly and the balance when you choose, without penalty.

LOCs are commonly used for overdraft protection, to finance a large purchase and to cover education costs.

We can help you meet your financial needs with these LOCs, all based on approved credit. 

Here's how we can help

Personal Line of Credit

Ready money, low interest rates and the flexibility to pay back the balance on your own time while you make monthly interest payments.

​MeritLine Home Equity Line of Credit

If you’re a qualifying homeowner, you can use your home equity as security to lock in our lowest rate.

​Student Line of Credit 

We realize the financial burden put on students and if you qualify, you'll have access to these funds at low-interest rates.

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