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Financial Literacy Month

Financial literacy: empowering yourself with knowledge to get you where you want to be

November is Financial Literacy Month. The initiative is led by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, a federal agency that works to keep Canada’s financial system safe and strong, and supports the overall goal of helping Canadian’s build financial resilience with confidence.

This year’s theme is Managing your money in a changing world.


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Get the right coverage that protects you at each stage of life

You need the right insurance coverage to protect many things that are important to you – including your wealth. Proper planning and policies help to ensure you and your dependents are taken care of.

Think of insurance like a safety net, it’s there to help you recover after something unexpected happens. The risk of getting sick, losing your car or your home, having an accident while travelling and even death can all be compensated for by choosing the right type of coverage.

Planning plus preparing equals peace of mind.

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Managing Debt

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