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Moving money made easy.

Send. Request. Autodeposit.

Sending money was never so simple!

Get set up through online banking and transfer funds to anyone with an email address and a Canadian bank account, anytime!

It’s easy, fast and secure. Take a look at all of the ways Interac e-Transfer® makes your banking better.

Send money 

This feature lets you send money in a few quick steps through online banking or by using our mobile app. Set up your recipients and away you go. 

Request Money

This convenient way to collect cash makes it easy for people to pay you.

The recipient is notified of your request through email and they can quickly send you money through their own financial institution. 


Arrange for money to be automatically deposited into your account without having to answer a security question.

You’ll be notified once it’s been transferred in – no questions asked.

What you'll need

Getting started with Interac e-Transfer is super simple. You just need these three things and you'll be sending money in no time.

Sealed Envelope

​An email address

So the recipient knows where the money is coming from. 

A FirstOntario bank account

To easily transfer money to and from your account.

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​Online access

Send and receive Interac e-Transfers in online banking or through our mobile app.

We're here to help

Check out some of our frequently asked questions about Interac e-Transfer, or visit our help section for more answers.

​​​Are there fees and limits for Interac e-Transfers?

The fee to send or request an Interac e-Transfer is $1.50.  There is no fee associated with receiving an e-Transfer or fulfilling a Request Money Interac e-Transfer.

Please see below for transaction limits:

Interac e-TransfersLimit
Maximum sending transaction limit$3,000
Maximum sending limit per day$10,000
Maximum sending limit per week$10,000
Maximum sending limit per month$20,000
Maximum incoming limit per week$70,000
Maximum incoming limit per transaction$10,000
Maximum incoming limit per day$10,000
Maximum incoming limit per month$300,000
Minimum incoming limit per transaction$0

​​​How do I complete an Interac e-Transfer in online banking?

All you and the recipient/sender need to get started is an email address or mobile telephone number and a Canadian deposit account with access to online banking.

Sending an Interac e-Transfer 

  1. Log in to online banking. If you haven’t set up your online banking yet, call us at
    ​1-800-616-8878 or visit your local branch to get started and to receive your Personal Access Code (PAC).  
  2. Click on “Transfers” in the menu on the left, then select Send Interac e-Transfer.  
  3. Set up your profile by filling out the fields as indicated.  
  4. Click on “Add Recipients”. Enter the name and email address or mobile telephone number of the person who you will be sending the money to. Once you have added these details, they will be stored on the Recipients list, you will not have to enter in the same information again.  
  5. Create a security question and answer that only the sender and receiver will know. The receiver will have to enter the answer to the security question in order to access the e-Transfer. If it's a friend, for example, the question might be: "What is the name of your dog?"

    For security reasons, the message field which enables you to leave a note for your recipient, must not contain the answer to your security question.  
  6. Select your recipient from the dropdown list on the Send Interac e-Transfer page. Indicate the amount you'd like to send.

Your account will be debited the amount you have sent as well as a $1.50 fee once you click Send Transfer.

Receiving an Interac e-Transfer 

You will be notified by email and/or text that an Interac e-Transfer has been sent to you.

From your computer or smartphone, open the email or text and you will be walked through a simple, user-friendly interface that leads to your own financial institution's online banking, where you will deposit the funds to the account of your choice after correctly answering the security question set up by the sender.

Can I cancel the Interac e-Transfer transaction when it is going to the contact/recipient that is registered for Autodeposit? 

Interac e-Transfer transactions can only be cancelled if they haven't already been deposited. The fee charged when the e-Transfer was sent will not be refunded.

To cancel an Interac e-Transfer transaction, whether the e-Transfer was sent or requested, go into your online banking/mobile banking application and locate the pending transfer list.

If the transaction is listed on the pending list, you will have the option to cancel it.

Start sending money with Interac e-Transfer now

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