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U.S. Dollar Account

If you are a frequent visitor to the United States, this U.S. dollar account eliminates the hassle of changing currency back and forth and paying the exchange rate every time you head out.

With FirstOntario’s U.S. Dollar Chequing account, you can build up your American funds over time for quick and easy access.

Key features

  • Tiered interest rate calculated on closing daily balance, paid at month-end
  • No minimum balance required but $1 monthly account fee waived with $200 USD balance  (free for seniors)
  • Unlimited free deposits
  • Two free debits every month

Fees associated with this chequing account

Monthly account fee$1 USD per month (waived with a minimum $200 USD balance and free for seniors)


*Debits include in-branch withdrawals, cheques and preauthorized debits

2 free per month, $0.50 USD thereafter

*ATM and Point of Sale (POS) services are not available on this account