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Benefits1 Bundle

Exclusive to members with a Premium Unlimited plan

The Benefits1 Bundle is a valuable package of specialized services available exclusively to members with the FirstOntario Premium Unlimited plan.

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Within this benefits package, members receive free access to legal1 and estate assistance, identity theft support and home service referrals. It's an incredible value from FirstOntario as a team of experienced lawyers and specialists are just a phone call away.

Have you ever:

  • had a legal concern related to employment, your family or something else?
  • been a victim of identity theft or fraud or worried about it happening to you?
  • wanted to make life easier for your heirs, or been named to settle an estate of a loved one?
  • needed home repairs or renovations but didn’t know who to call?

The Benefits1 Bundle provides four categories of services

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Legal assistance

A team of experienced lawyers with a wide range of legal expertise are available to assist with common legal concerns around family law, property matters, consumer actions and employment.

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Estate assistance

This legal team can answer your questions and provide advice around estate planning, executorship and more.

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Identity theft assistance

If you think you may have been a victim of identity theft, a lawyer can suggest best practices like what to watch out for and who to notify and can walk you through the recovery.

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Home referral assistance

Get referrals from verified professionals for plumbing, electrical, painting, roofing, doors, windows and more. You also receive help with any available renovation grants or money-saving programs.

Premium Unlimited plan holders can call 1-888-873-1004 to access these services

Available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. excluding statutory holidays.

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Frequently asked questions

Features and eligibility

This exclusive package is available to members who have a Premium Unlimited plan. It includes unlimited, free access to legal and estate services, home referrals and identity theft support. Members can connect with these services whenever they need assistance during the operating hours noted below.

All FirstOntario Premium Unlimited plan holders are eligible, including joint account holders.

Your full name, postal code and/or phone number will be used to verify that you are a FirstOntario’s Premium Unlimited plan holder and confirm eligibility.

The Benefits1 Bundle is included with your Premium Unlimited plan. The Benefits1 Bundle is intended to provide you with free access to legal, identity theft, estate and home repair information, referrals and assistance. Additional charges may apply should you chose to retain a third-party professional to complete any work or task required. The Benefits1 Bundle will provide you with referrals to qualified professionals at preferred rates (where possible).

No, Premium Unlimited plan members can call as often as necessary. The length of the calls is also unlimited.

Accessing the Benefits1 Bundle

If you are already a Premium Unlimited plan holder, you may call 1-888-873-1004, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays).

If you are not currently a Premium Unlimited plan holder, you may call our Member Service Centre or visit your local branch to upgrade your account in order to gain access to the Benefits1 Bundle.

You may access the Benefits1 Bundle service Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., excluding statutory holidays.

Yes, any questions or concerns addressed during calls are kept strictly confidential.

Benefits1 Bundle services

The lawyers will answer all legal questions concerning personal life for eligible members (e.g., family law, property law, hidden defects, rental, labour law, bodily injuries, consumer law, estate/succession, ID theft, etc.). If a lawyer is unable to answer the question immediately, they will conduct the necessary research and contact you as soon as possible.

Anything related to FirstOntario Credit Union, commercial activities and criminal matters are excluded and cannot be discussed.

If a lawyer is available at the time of the call, the member will be paired immediately. If no lawyer is available, the call will be returned within four business hours.

Yes. Once you speak to a lawyer regarding a particular issue, you will be assigned to the same lawyer if you call back. If the assigned lawyer is away at the time of call back, notes will be left on file for takeover by another lawyer.

No, the lawyer is there to provide telephone assistance and cannot accept a mandate from a member.

No, the lawyer will guide and support you through the various steps leading to the recovery of your identity.

Members will receive up to three trusted supplier references for their referral request by email within 24 to 48 hours of the request being made.

Yes. Referred suppliers are subject to rigorous checks. Court registry and Better Business Bureau checks are done systematically, and they must also be covered by liability insurance.

1Legal assistance provided is general in nature and for informational purposes only and does not replace obtaining specialized legal advice for your particular circumstances. The legal assistance offered may exclude certain areas of law including questions about taxes, criminal law or commercial activity. You are responsible for any fees associated with additional services not included in the Benefits1 Bundle including for example drafting a will or notary services or fees charged by your telecommunications provider related to the call.

2The Benefits1 Bundle allows you to benefit from legal assistance and other assistance services if you hold the Premium Unlimited plan. These services are provided entirely by Fecteau Bélanger and Associates Consulting Group Inc., also doing business under FBA, FBA Consulting Group and FBA Solutions (“FBA”). You understand that by using FBA’s services, you release FirstOntario Credit Union Limited from any liability related to the services provided by FBA, including any matter relating to information security and confidential information that could be shared by you with this company or with its employees during the provision of services.