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Demystifying Trusts

How to use trusts in estate planning

The word 'trust' is used regularly in our day-to-day language.

But when it comes to its legal use in estate planning, 'trust' is likely a mystery to some.

Join FirstOntario Credit Union's Ejaz Nadeem, Vice President of FirstOntario Investments, along with Doug Carroll, Tax and Estate Specialist from Aviso Wealth Inc., for an informative presentation.

Together, we'll explore how trusts can be used in estate planning and how it could be carefully catered to individual needs.

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DEMYSTIFYING TRUSTS: How to use trusts in estate planning

September 30, 2020

12 p.m.

Ejaz Nadeem – Vice President, FirstOntario Investments 

Doug Carroll BBA JD LLM (Tax) CFP TEP – Tax & Estate Specialist, Aviso Wealth Inc.

FirstOntario Host

​Ejaz Nadeem

​Vice President, FirstOntario Investments

Aviso Presenter

​Doug Carroll ​BBA JD LLM(Tax) CFP TEP

​Tax & Estate Specialist, Aviso Wealth inc.