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Two People Sleeping in Sleeping Bags in Back Seat of Car

Sleepless in our Cities


FirstOntario believes it is important to care for everyone in our community

On any given night in Canada, there are 35,000 people who are living homeless or unhoused and that includes FirstOntario communities. We are committed to raising awareness and working to help find solutions to address this form of poverty.

Find out more about homelessness in our communities and the National Housing Policy.

This is why we support the Sleepless in our Cities United Way Halton & Hamilton event in February.

Those who are fundraising sleep in their cars for one night to raise dollars and awareness about the daily challenges faced by youth and adults living in poverty. Since we became involved in 2021, our participation has helped raise over $35,000 towards this important United Way Halton & Hamilton fundraiser.

The money raised enables United Way Halton & Hamilton to invest into direct housing supports that provide shelter, programming to those living in residential situations, or assistance to maintain current housing.


Keep an eye out for more initiatives and events we're supporting

FirstOntario is committed to its communities and to being a good neighbour.

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