Person Holding Small Model House with Red Roof

Affordable Housing and Homelessness Awareness

Everyone should have a safe and secure place to live and call home. There are thousands of people across the province who do not have a safe and affordable place to live.

Affordable Housing

FirstOntario is proud to partner with organizations like Bethlehem Housing and Penn Terra to come up with a unique way to address the need of affordable housing. This is one example of the way we could get involved and make a positive, lasting impact. It has culminated in a safe, supportive and affordable home for individuals and families on North Church Street in St. Catharines.

Bethlehem Housing Project

Homelessness Awareness

In addition to helping support affordable housing, it is important to raise awareness and understanding about the daily challenges faced by homeless youth and adults living in poverty. There are many factors that contribute to it – financial insecurity, a lack of affordable housing, mental health, and social factors such as violence, abuse and social network alienation.

United Way Support

In February 2021, CEO Lloyd Smith highlighted the issue by participating in the Sleepless in our Cities United Way Halton & Hamilton event.

Our help extends beyond this to ongoing support of the United Way campaign across our regions and support of fundraisers like the Coldest Night of the Year Walks that raise important dollars for local agencies so that the most vulnerable in our communities get the support they need.

This wouldn’t be possible without the participation of all our employees across all our regions who recognize the value of helping one another and living our mission of improving the lives of our Members, our team and our communities.

Here are some of the agencies we’ve supported through our efforts:

More ways we connect with our community