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​Pay a Bill

To make your life easier – there’s more than one way you can pay a bill.

We’re happy to take care of that for you at one of our branches, ATMs or Personal Assisted Teller (PAT) machines, but keep in mind you can pay a bill online or mobile anytime.

When you bank online or through our mobile app, you can add and manage your bill payees and pay them right then and there. You can also set up future payments so you can rest assured they won't be missed. 

On your smartphone

Paying a bill on the go is simple. Just download our app from the App Store or Google Play and follow these instructions.

On your computer

Managing your account on your home computer is as easy as logging in and following these steps.

In a branch

Visit your nearest location where you can make a bill payment in branch, at an ATM or PAT machine.

Go paperless

​Be mindful of the environment and access everything you need electronically.

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