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Personal Assisted Teller Machine

Personal Assisted Teller (PAT) Services


Whatever an ATM can do a PAT can do better

Enjoy access to our Personal Assisted Teller (PAT) machines, exclusive to FirstOntario Credit Union members.

Talk to a Personal Assisted Teller through live video technology and take care of your transactions, just like you would in a branch, with the bonus of extended hours. 

Here are just a few things PAT can do for you

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Change/update your personal information

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Make a deposit to an existing RSP or TFSA

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Pay bills, make line of credit or principal mortgage payments

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Withdraw multi-denominations ($5, $20, $50 and coin!)

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Transfer funds, set up recurring transfers

Frequently asked questions about PAT

Enjoy FirstOntario teller services through a live video exchange. Personal Assister Tellers are available through our ATM machines and can do almost everything a branch teller can do with the bonus of extended hours. A quick tap on the screen connects you with a Member Service Representative.

Update your personal information, make a deposit to your accounts including RRSPs and TFSAs. Pay bills, make a payment to your mortgage or line of credit, withdraw multi-denominations including coin, transfer funds and set up recurring transfers. Just to name a few!

Absolutely. You have the option of using the handset for a more private experience or you can use the keyboard function to type in your responses. You can also plug in your own headphones if you choose.

It will not. In fact, it might be quicker if there are lines ups inside the branch. Personal Assisted Tellers have the same access as branch tellers.

They are not replacing anyone. We have a FirstOntario team dedicated to our Personal Assisted Teller services. They are local and happy to help with your transactions.

If you just want to withdraw cash, you have the option to use our ATM, or tap the screen to speak with a teller who can facilitate that for you.

Personal Assisted Teller Hours of Operation

Available at all of our branches.

Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Find a branch near you

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