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​​Market-Linked GIC


Higher returns without risking your principal

Are you looking for investment security and higher returns? Our market-linked GICs offer 100% principal protection and the potential for higher returns.

Up your game with a product that can provide market returns but is secure and simple for your peace of mind.


Take a look at some of the features


Principal is 100% guaranteed at maturity

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Market-linked GICs can provide a higher return than a fixed-rate term investment

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No monitoring is needed

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No fees to calculate or deduct from returns

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Eligible for non-registered and registered savings plans (RRSP and TFSA)

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Covered by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA)

This product may suit members who

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Have a low risk tolerance

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Want to look for growth potential without risking principal

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Don’t want to spend too much time managing their finances

Market-linked GIC product details

FirstOntario’s market-linked GICs are designed to mimic the performance of a group of recognized companies across a variety of economic sectors while our Global Market-Linked GIC also diversifies across a variety of countries.

For information on the performance of FirstOntario's Market-Linked GICs, take a look at our Quarterly Current Value Report.

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