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​​​Canada's Anti Spam Legislation


Protecting your privacy and information

FirstOntario Credit Union is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of its members. As a result, we have adopted policies and procedures to ensure we are compliant with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, otherwise known as CASL. CASL seeks to protect Canadians from dangerous forms of spam which can pose threats to consumers and businesses.

CASL states that commercial electronic messages (CEM) can only be sent if the sender has obtained the implied or express consent of the recipient. Commercial electronic messages include email, text and social media messages that seek to sell a product or service, or to provide an investment opportunity. CASL does not seek to eliminate the use of email marketing, but ensures that recipients of such emails have provided their consent to the sender.

Members can unsubscribe from marketing and promotional communications at any time through the unsubscribe mechanism indicated in any CEM received or by calling us at 1-800-616-8878.

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