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International Credit Union Day


Every year, we celebrate International Credit Union Day and the spirit of the global credit union movement on the third Thursday of October.

It’s a great opportunity to focus on the good that credit unions do for their communities and why being a member is about more than simply banking. 

This day – that has been recognized since 1948 – and falls within National Co-op Week, is another way we highlight the co-operative principles that guide our institution. This year’s theme is about embracing the future with co-operation. All co-operative organizations share a common set of principles.


Co-operative Principles

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​Voluntary and open membership

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Democratic member control

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Member economic participation

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Autonomy and independence

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Education, training, and information

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Co-operation among co-operatives

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Concern for Community


Our continued commitment

We’ve chosen to mark International Credit Union Day this year with a $250,000 donation to local student nutrition programs as we reaffirm our commitment to children and their education.

We are nearing the $2 million milestone in support as we continue to be guided by our co-operative principles and be there for those who need a hand. You can read the full media release here.

We’re also happy to be a part of a homegrown initiative among three local credit unions that have teamed up to support the Niagara Canada Games in 2022, something we are all looking forward to! You can find more details about that here.