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ATM and system upgrade information

ATM updates

Our ATM updates will continue. Details will be posted at each ATM and Personal Assisted Teller (PAT) machine in advance of any service interruptions over the next few weeks. Each machine will be transitioned separately on different dates.

There will be a few service changes to note:

Services ATM PAT
Bill Payments No Yes
Mini Statements No No
Access to all accounts Only primary chequing and savings access* Yes

*This limited access is temporary while we update our machines. Once each machine is updated, members will have access to all of their accounts. Thank you for your patience while we complete these transitions.

We thank our members for their support!

The banking system upgrade is completed and we're focused on getting back to business as usual. Our banking system upgrade is a critical investment for our credit union and we look forward to being able to develop more products and services for our membership in the future.

If you have any outstanding questions check our FAQ, connect with our branch teams or contact our Member Service Centre at 1-800-616-8878.


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Please note that updates will be posted on our website and through our social media channels. FirstOntario will not email updates or send any links or attachments to our members once the upgrade is completed. Our URL will not change and will remain as throughout and after the upgrade. Online banking will continue to be accessible at following the outage.