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​​Niagara 1Awards

And then there were three. Winners cash in on $100,000 in cash and professional services. 

Clowes & Co, Moyaa Shea Products and Pippa and Peach walked away winners at the 4th annual Niagara 1Awards. All three shared $80,000 in professional in-kind services and Clowes & Co and Moyaa also took home a piece of the $20,000 cash prize to help their businesses get to the next level. 

A fusion of the Clowes family heritage, Clowes & Co is made up of three specialty food-based businesses in Ello Gov’na, Mason and The Grove. Moyaa Shea Products produces premium organic, Grade A, shea butter and shea products and Pippa and Peach offers up a unique clothing line inspired by the creator’s two young daughters.

This year’s Niagara winners were three of eight finalists who in just 15 minutes, explained who they are, how they impact their community, what they do and where they want to be to our panel of judges – no easy task!

Congratulations to all of our finalists and thank you to our community partners and 1Awards sponsors for another successful year. See you in 2020! 

Community Partners

The success of the Niagara 1Awards would not be possible without our community partners. Thanks to all of you who continue to give your support both in your time and through your services.